Grant Writing Training

Dr. McSwain has written numerous successful grant proposals totaling over $6 million dollars, from the United States Department of Education (USDOE), Office of Special Education (OSERS), Rehabilitate Services, Health, and Human Services (HHS), Head Start. Nationally, she serves as a consultant to mentor another faculty in the area of early childhood special education program development thus enabling these faculty to secure external funding. To date; seven universities, including the United Technical Tribal College, have secured federal funding totaling over $8 million dollars.

Anti-Discrimination Laws Training

Mr. Richard Dicks Jr. has over 20 years of exemplary administrative in these compliance areas.  He will assist you in reducing the likelihood of your university being exposed to lengthy and costly antidiscrimination lawsuits by students, faculty staff, and administrators. Mr. Dicks will provide consultancy, mediation, training, and investigation by assisting your institution by answering the following questions:

  • Do you know enough about Title IX, VII, VI, I

  • What is needed in the complaint to process it?

  • When does it become harassment in accordance with Title VII?

  • What constitutes a Title IX violation?

  • What are the best practices when interviewing sexual assault victims?


Americans with Disabilities Act - Compliance and Monitoring Training

GTD  will  help you to answer the following questions in a way that ensures your institution is in compliance with ADA:

  • Does a Person Have an ADA Disability?

  • Has the Institution Provided Reasonable Accommodation?

  • Was Complainant Treated Differently from Similarly Situated Employees?

Section 508 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Training
GTD will assist you in ensuring that your institution is in compliance with Section 504 by:

  • Applying the technical standards to (508) Electronic Accessibility Content

  • Knowing what is unlawful Under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,

  • Recognizing what is a qualifying disability according to the law

  • Identifying reasonable accommodations


Student Engagement In Online Education Training 

The more engaged a student is in an online course, the greater their chances are of success. A successful student is a student who graduates. Let us help your institution create highly interactive online textbook free course environments thereby increasing your retention and graduation rates.

Strategic Planning for Faculty Development and Certification

Faculty development and training are paramount in the world of online education. Let us assist you in developing a strategic plan that focuses on the following:

  • Faculty Online Certification

  • Quality  Matters Online Course Design and Development

  • Open Education Resources

  • Ensuring Academic Integrity in Online Education

  • Emergency Preparedness for Online Education

Preparing for University Accreditation and Online Program Certification

Let us assist your institution in successfully addressing the distance education standards that are requirements for receiving university accreditation.  We are also uniquely qualified to assist your institution in earning the coveted United States Distance Learning Association Certification. 

Custom Website Development and Technical Assistance

GTD partnered with DayDreamerz, a Custom Web Development consulting firm. Provides clients with a multitude of technical options, that will assist in brand building and personal growth. Along with web development of new and existing websites, Services include: 

  • Web development 

  • Brand development

  •  Web best practices workshops

  • Technical assistance with Microsoft Office, Adobe creative cloud, and many more platforms.